Q.Can we re-use the user defined Environment variables?

A. Yes, You can export your user-defined environment variables to an external .XML file for use with other tests or components.

Q.What is Object model ?
A. An object model is a structural representation of software objects (classes) that comprise the implementation of a system or application. An object model defines a set of classes and interfaces, together with their properties, methods and events, and their relationships.
Q.Can A user use object repository file for two different tests which Are running at the same time??
A.Yes you can execute two different scripts using same object repository at same time.But the second test when on opening will prompt you a message saying that the OR has been locked, but you can run in read only mode.
Q.How do you comment your script?

A.  By using single quote () before starting of the line

            QTP does not support multiple line comments

Q.How do you handle pop-up exceptions?

A.  By using Recovery Scenario manager or by using

IF Browser ()).Exists Then

<Statements to process>.




<Statements of further processing>.

End If.