Q.How do you write messages to the report?

A.  By using Report Event method we will write messages to the reports.

Q.What is a command to invoke application?
A. By using SystemUtil.Run method or by using InvokeApplication statement

Q.What is the diff between SystemUtil.Run and Invoke ?

A. you should use a SystemUtil.Run statement to run applications or to open filesin their default applications. InvokeApplication statement is used to open the executable files and which is supported primarily for backward compatibility.

Q.How can I improve the working speed of QuickTest ?

A. You can improve the working speed of QuickTest by doing any of the following:

  Do not load unnecessary add-ins in the Add-in Manager when QuickTest starts

  Run your tests in "Fast mode." From the Run tab in the Options dialog box, select the Fast Option

  If you are not using the Active Screen while editing your test, hide the Active Screen while editing your test to improve editing response time.

  Decide if and how much information you want to capture and save in the Active Screen

Decide when you want to capture and save images of the application for the test results.

Q.How do I maintain my test when my application changes?

A. The way to maintain a test when your application changes depends on how much your application changes. This is one of the main reasons you should create a small group of tests rather than one large test for your entire application. When your application changes, you can rerecord part of a test. If the change is not significant, you can manually edit a test to update it.