Q. What was the new features available in QTP 8.2?


    • New Keyword View
    • Updated Keyword View steps
    • New comment field row
    • New Documentation Only view
    • Multiple application areas
    • New Local parameter type
    • New Function Definition Generator
Q.Can we merge two Object Repository files into one file ?
  1. Yes, by using QTP Plus Install QTP Plus and go to

          Start > Quick Test Plus > Utilities > Repositories Merge utility

Q.What is the Extensions of Script, Repositories Files ?
  1. Script ------  .mts

Action based Object Repositories ----.mtr

Shared Object Repository -------.tsr

Q.How do you automate the Quick Test settings ?
A.Open Test > Settings and before setting up the settings click on “Generate Script” button and save that script and every time before opening the QTP execute the saved Script.
Q.Explain about Update Run in QTP ?
A. Test > Update .When you update a test or component, QuickTest runs through the test or component to update the test object descriptions, the expected checkpoint values, and/or the Active Screen images and values. After you save the test or component, the updated data is used for subsequent runs.