Q:Several QTP scripts may be called in a BPT test. Each one may have different data in a data table. How can the BA in BPT override and control data tables ?

A:The data table is not used when working in BPT. Providing data for these runs should be done only through Quality Center in an interface easily accessible by a BA.

A business component is a mini QTP test which has its own data table. Business Process Testing does not have control of data tables used by business components. It controls what Business Components are, how input/output parameters can be passed among the Business Components, and the order of the components. Currently there is no way from QC side to control it.

Q:Can users who prefer descriptive programming in QTP have the ability to SaveAs Descriptive? If this is chosen, the OR values could be saved in the script instead of the logical values.
A:No, this functionality is not available.
Q:Will QTP/BPT work with descriptive programming or only through the object repository?

A:QTP/BPT will work also with descriptive programming, but if you want to utilize the Keyword View for objects (not only operations) you must use an Object Repository.

Q:WinRunner uses TSL which is a derivative of C. QuickTestPro is VBScript. How are you going to be able to port WinRunner scripts to QuickTestPro?
A:Mercury's approach has not been to port scripts, but rather has an integrated platform on which all tests types can work together. This is available today in Quality Center's Test Lab. Business Process Testing will provide another avenue for our testing products to work together.

While it is possible to port scripts, it is also possible and generally far easier to call your WinRunner script / function from QuickTest Professional and visa versa. This integration is available today in the Mercury Functional Testing product, which includes full QTP and WR licenses.
Q:QuickTestProfessional with SAP. External Support with Quality Center. Worried about future support.
A:SAP is one of our most strategic environments and we are committed to supporting it. QuickTest Professional SAP add-in 8.2 supports the latest SAP environments, including SAP GUI 6.40 and Enterprise Portal 6. It should be available early next year.

If the question is referring to QTSAP integration with TD/QC. We will continue to support this integration with QC. QuickTest Professional with the SAP add-in will work with QC as it does for all add-ins.