Q. How to supress warnings from the "Test results page"?
Ans : From the Test results Viewer "Tools > Filters > Warnings"...must be "Unchecked".

Q. When we try to use test run option "Run from Step", the browser is not launching automatically why?

A. This is default behaviour.
Q. Does QTP is "Unicode" compatible?
A. QTP 6.5 is not but QTP 8.0 is expected to be Unicode compatabile by end of December 2004.
Q. How to "Turn Off" QTP results after running a Script?
A.  Goto "Tools > Options > Run Tab" and Deselect "View results when run session ends". But this supresses only the result window, but a og will be created and can viewed manulaly which cannot be restricted from getting created.


Q. How to verify the Cursor focus of a certain field?
A.  Use "focus" property of "GetRoProperty" method"