Q:I am trying to run tests from command line using QTPlaunch.exe with close option after executing the test. In my driver script execution it will set results file folder and other settings. Once the test is scheduled at the end it will ask for save option, this causes manual interference to accept yes or no. We need to fix this in order to execute the test unattended fashion using QTP command line utilities.                 

A:We suggest you try restoring the default settings at the end of the test run to alleviate the problem. Note that in general, we recommend that using the command line option for automation be dropped in favor of using the QTP Automation API. If these suggestions do not resolve your issues, please do not hesitate to contact CSO for further assistance.

Q:Is Mercury planning to improve its reporting capability in TD?

A:We believe that a tremendous amount of valuable information is generated during the quality process, and the ability to make use of that information for better decision making and project management is one of the key differentiators of TestDirector for Quality Center. To that end, we do plan to continue to improve the reporting capability of TestDirector as part of Quality Center. With Quality Center 8.2, we have enhanced the Dashboard and updated the Advanced Reports add-in. In upcoming releases, we will continue to enhance the dashboard, standard reports, and advanced reports.

Q:We are trying to run TD 8 through Citrix. First, we get a user login error message when it first displays but we can move past that and login. Then all of the colors are off - not correct and the graphics are bad. What can we do?
A:Citrix is not an officially supported environment at this time, although we are aware of many customers who are successfully using TestDirector in a Citrix environment. It is possible that one of these customers can give you some insight into the issues you are experiencing and provide some suggestions. The best place to interact with other customers is through the forums on the CSO website. We are investigating the possibility of adding support for Citrix in the near future. Please check for news and alerts on the CSO website.
Q:What plans are there to improve WinRunner's and LoadRunner's "behavior" with Oracle Apps 11.5.9? Currently I cannot upgrade to WR 7.6 because the synchronization doesn't work [with Oracle 11.5.9] and I already have 2 patches (one custom, and another on the way) to try to make LR 7.8 FP1 work with 11.5.9.
A:WinRunner 7.6 indeed had some synchronization issues with WR 7.6 Oracle Add-In and Oracle Apps 11.5.9. These issues were resolved with WR76JP11 (Fixes synchronization mechanism and several other minor issues).
Q:When will we have an integrated process that automatically extracts requirements, writes and tests programs?
A:This is indeed a grand, long-term vision. Mercury is committed to improving and automating the overall quality process. We are constantly looking at ways to integrate with other solutions, like our own IT Governance center, and to automate additional aspects of quality assurance. A great example is the auto-documentation feature of the new Business Process Testing (BPT) module within Quality Center. Auto-documentation combines the previously separate steps of documenting a test and actually executing the test, significantly reducing the overall effort.