Q. How to record on non standard menus?

A. In QuickTest Professional 8.0 you can decide how do you want QuickTest to behave while recording on menus from the UI.
This option is available in the "Advanced Windows Application Options" dialog to be found under
Tools > Options > Windows Applications > Advanced.

More information can be found in the QuickTest User's Guide.

Q. How to terminate an application that is not responding?
A. You can terminated any standard application while running a script in QuickTest.
If you want to terminate the application, just set this line:

SystemUtil.CloseProcessByName "app.exe"


SystemUtil.CloseProcessByWndTitle "Some Title"

Q. Where can I find information on the IE Document Object Model?
A. You can find more information on the IE DOM in the following links:

Document object: http://msdn.microsoft.com/workshop/author/dhtml/reference/objects/obj_document.asp

Other HTML Objects: http://msdn.microsoft.com/workshop/author/dhtml/reference/objects.asp

General DHTML reference: http://msdn.microsoft.com/workshop/author/dhtml/reference/dhtml_reference_entry.asp

Q. How to configure QuickTest to record on Embedded HTML Controls?
A.  In order to be able to record context sensitive operations on Embedded HTML Controls (an application which contains an embedded IE HTML viewer), you will need to set the following

Add to the ie_hook section in mic.ini (located under QuickTest bin directory) the following lines:


myapp.exe=yes (where myapp.exe is the executable name of the application you want to test)

you should change the following setting in the registry:

[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Mercury Interactive\QuickTest Professional\MicTest\Hooks\myapp.exe]


 Q. How do I launch a new browser from a test?
A: A new browser window (and any other application) can be launched from within a test by adding the following step to your test:

SystemUtil.Run "iexplore.exe", "http://www.mercuryinteractive.com"