Q.How do I make the test prompt the user for input while it is running?

A.  The VBScript InputBox function allows you to display a dialog box that prompts the user for input and then continue running the test. You can use the value that was entered by the user later on in the test. See the VBScript reference manual for more information on the InputBox function.

The following example shows the InputBox function used to prompt the user for the password.

Browser("Mercury Tours").Page("Mercury Tours").WebEdit("username").Set "administrator"
Passwd = inputbox ("Enter password", "User Input")
Browser("Mercury Tours").Page("Mercury Tours").WebEdit("password").Set Passwd

Q. How to remove result files from old tests?
You can use the Test Results Deletion Tool to view a list of all the test results in a specific location in your file system or in a Quality Center project. You can then delete any test results that you no longer require.

The Test Results Deletion Tool enables you to sort the test results by name, date, size, and more, so that you can easily identify the results you want to delete.

You can find this utility in the Start Menu > QuickTest Professional > Tools > Test Results Deletion Tool.

Q. How to change the logical name of a Test Object?
A.  When recording an object QuickTest Professional uses one of the object's properties as the logical name for the object (the name displayed in the Expert View and in the KeywardView modes).

You can change the property that is used to be a different one by specifying which property's value you want to use as the logical name for the object.

For example in order to use the alt property as the logical name of an image, run regedit.exe and set the following information:

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Mercury Interactive\QuickTest Professional\MicTest\Test Objects\Image]
"tag query name"="alt"

Q. Changing the Mic.ini file
A.   Some of QuickTest Professional information is stored in a text file which is called mic.ini. This file is located under the QuickTest bin directory.



To enter the above change to the mic.ini file you should perform the following:

1.      Open the mic.ini file located under the QuickTest Professional bin directory using any standard text editor

2.      Search for section name (in this case 'SectionA'). If it does not exists - add it to the end of the file

3.      If the line (beginning with the NameA text) exists in the section, then change the value to be ValueA

If the line does not exist add it to the end of this section (before the next Section begins)

Q.How to change the registry?
A.  Note: Errors in the correct editing of the registry may cause severe malfunction to the operating system.

[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Mercury Interactive\QuickTest Professional\MicTest\KeyA]



In order to enter the above change to the registry, you should do the following:

1.      Open regedit (type regedit in the Start>Run dialog)

2.      Navigate to the specified path (in this case navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USER > Software >...>KeyA)

3.      If the path does not exists, right click on the right pane, choose Key and enter the missing key name

4.      If the value does not exists, right click on the right pane, choose DWORD value or String value and enter the missing variable name

Right click on the variable, choose Modify and change the value to the correct one.