Q.How to use Environment variable?

A. QuickTest supports using environment variables. Environment variables can be either system variables or user defined variables.

You can define the user defined variables in an external file which will be read by QuickTest when it will be launched.

See the Using Environment Variables section in the QuickTest Professional help.

Q.Does QuickTest have any debugging capabilities?
In order to debug tests you must install the Microsoft Script Debugger. If you did not download and installed it while installing QuickTest, the debugger can be still downloaded from the Microsoft Script Technologies site. After downloading it, double-click on the self-extracting executable and follow the instructions on your screen.

Once the Script Debugger is installed, an arrow points to the current step that is being executed in the Tree View and the Expert View. You can then use the debugger to view local action variables, use the command window, view the objects properties, and more.

More information can be found in the QuickTest User's Guide.

Q.What command-line arguments can I use when launching QuickTest?
A. Please refer to the QuickTest Command Line utility for more information on how to run QuickTest using a command line.
Q.I have a Microsoft Access database that contains data I would like to use in my test. How do I do this?
The powerful 'Expert View' allows you to access databases using ADO and ODBC. Below is a sample test that uses the information contained in the Authors table of a database to search for books written by the author.

Dim MyDB
Dim MyEng
Set MyEng = CreateObject("DAO.DBEngine.35")
Dim Td
Dim rs

' Specify the database to use
Set MyDB = MyEng.OpenDatabase("BIBLIO.MDB")

' Read and use the name of the first 10 authors
Set Td = MyDB.TableDefs("Authors")
Set rs = Td.OpenRecordset
For i = 1 To 10
     Browser("Book Club").Page("Search Books").WebEdit("Author Name").Set rs("Author")
     Browser("Book Club").Page("Search Books").WebButton("Search").Click

Q.How do I add a manual wait step to my test?
A manual wait (think time) can be added to a QuickTest test using the following command:

Call Wait(<time in seconds to wait>)