Q:I have a user interface in the application which has windows with the same labels. So when I make a recovery scenario, how do I distinguish the one with the labels and the one without as I do not want the recovery scenarios to be called on the wrong one?                  

A:When defining the identification criteria in the pop-up trigger, you can also use the text within the window (or a substring from it) on top of the window title, as the differentiator between the windows.

Q:Can it be confirmed that QualityCenter works with Microsoft SQL Server?   

A:Yes, Quality Center supports MS SQL server 2000 Enterprise edition.

Q:What is the best approach for migrating both test cases and defect entries from the home-grown application to QualityCenter?                 

A:We recommend you use the Word / Excel add-in and import the data into Quality Center.

Q:We're using QTP v8.0 and capturing GUI with formatted numeric fields such as currency, etc. with commas and decimal. QTP does not capture the input (so that I can parameterize this later), but captures the formatted field after entry. How do I make QTP capture my input instead of the formatted field? How do I validate this formatted field that it contains valid input?     

A:1. If your numeric fields are edit boxes and QTP record commands like WinEdit.Set "1,234.56" Then just replace Set command with Type command like WinEdit.Type "1234.56"

2. In order to check the numeric value of the formatted field use VBS functions to convert from strings to numbers. For example:
text = WinEdit.GetROProperty("text") ' returns string "1,234.56"
num = CDbl(text) ' returns number 1234.56
num1 = CInt(text) ' returns integer number 1235

More information is needed about this issue. But it sounds like a Data Table formatting issue where the text is being captured in one format but it shows up in QTP's data table in another format

Q:One of the biggest highlights of the conference has been the concept of employing the BTO strategy while utilizing outsourced resources. How is Quality Center going to handle application security since these different resources may not exist on a common intranet?  

A:Since Quality Center utilizes HTTP communication through port 80, it works for both intranet and the internet environments. You are correct that outsourcing adds new security requirements. In addition, Mercury offers Quality Center as a managed service, which has further security requirements. For Quality Center 8.2, we have added support for Secure LDAP. And we will continue to enhance the security capabilities of Quality Center in upcoming releases. We will implement our electronic signature solution for Quality Center, add a more flexible security group structure, and improve integrations with existing security and identity management infrastructure.